New digital ink role for Adam Slack


Meet Adam Slack, Marabu UK’s Sales & Product Manager - Digital Ink, with a quick-fire question and answer session.

•    Hi Adam – can you describe your role at Marabu in a couple of sentences? – Yes of course. I am ecstatic to have been offered the role of Sales & Product Manager & joining the Marabu family, subsequently I am responsible for the sales of digital ink and the day to day management of our exclusive digital ink partners for the UK/Ireland.
•    How does working at Marabu differ from other roles you have held in the digital ink world? – The overall positive atmosphere, combined with a heritage of quality-made products and product development programs, which are ultimately backed up by a top level service & support teams that span across the world.
•    Now you’ve had chance to work with Marabu’s range of digital inks for a while how would you define the benefits they provide for your customers? The confidence level regarding performance advantages highlighted by our established distribution partners speaks volumes! Performance is one thing but at Marabu we’re constantly developing/redefining products to future-proof and meet changes in market trends, whilst striving to comply with local regulatory bodies which is something Marabu take very seriously.
•    Marabu has obviously a long and proud tradition in the field of screen printing. How does this benefit the development of the digital inks side of the business? Marabu’s interest for many years has been supporting (successfully) the Screen printing industry. We are recognised as a reliable manufacturer/supplier and partner to the screen market. This will no doubt complement our strategy to grow the presence of Digital ink sales.
•    Looking into the future, what do you think will be the emerging trends in digital ink, in terms of new products and the applications they are used for? There is a huge emphasis on digital inkjet within the packaging industry, end of line customisation at revolutionary speeds.  Marabu has a series of solutions to accommodate this area but will also work with machine partners, OEM’s to realise the concept.