Water-based pad printing now also for textiles!


MaquaPad MAP is the world’s first water-based pad printing ink for toys and other sensitive applications. The textile industry, however, has been demanding "greener" alternatives to solvent-based ink systems as well. Therefore, we are pleased that we can now recommend MaquaPad MAP for all kinds of textiles!


  • MaquaPad MAP is suitable for synthetic and natural fabrics such as cotton, stretch fabric, artificial leather, coated as well as polyester fabrics
  • Especially suited as a fast, economical, and wearer-friendly alternative to transfer and sew-in labels
  • Virtually odourless, very low VOC values
  • Very flexible, no „cracking” of the ink film!
  • Long pot life (48 h)
  • And soon also with GOTS certification and ECO PASSPORT!


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