Customized and High-Quality Glass Decorations With New Digital Printing Solution From Marabu and Koenig & Bauer


Individualized haptic glass decorations for concerts, events, small breweries or winieries for an affordable price are now possible with the new digital glass printing solution from Marabu and Koenig & Bauer. On Thursday, 23rd September, the new solution was presented in the digital live event: Launch of Innovative Digital Glass Printing Solution with Marabu and Koenig & Bauer.

More than 240 attendees signed up to watch the event with host Frazer Chesterman from Futureprint, Tobias Lang, Product Manager Digital Inks, from Marabu and Tim Schnelle, Sales Manager, from Koenig & Bauer Kammann (watch the recording of the live event here).

From Megatrends to the Innovative Glass Printing Solution by Marabu and Koenig & Bauer

After the introduction by Frazer Chesterman, Tobias Lang was talking about the importance of megatrends like customization, individualization and sustainability for the digital printing industry. Digital printing which enables sophisticated designs and a high degree of personalisation at low cost is a great solution for the demands that come along with these megatrends. However, this process was, until recently, not suitable for three-dimensional decorations on standard glass products.

But with the printing systems from Koenig & Bauer’s KAMMANN K15 and K20 Family and Marabu's new UV-curable digital printing ink MaraShape DUV-HBV "High Built Varnish" a solution is found. Tim Schnelle explained how it allows direct printing of highly customized glass products of all kinds, from one-off items to large industrial-scale volumes – in conjunction with excellent results. The use of this purpose-developed digital-printing varnish on the Koenig & Bauer machines permits the creation of highly customised, personalised decorations without the need for dedicated moulds. The benefits include excellent contour sharpness, extremely fine textures and exact points, coloured and transparent designs, printing of convex and concave shapes, and rapid, simple adjustments during the printing process.

Here you can watch the recording of the whole event:

Recording of the Digital Live Event