Tech Infos - Screen Printing Inks

July 2015

“Red Hot” to “Cool Blue” - Thermochromatic Effects

Screen and Pad Applications and Technical Details.

UPDATE July 2015

Effect Inks
June 2015

Marabu Screen and Pad Printing Effects

Nowadays, many printed products draw the customer's attention not only by means of optical impressions, but with emotional messages. 

UPDATE June 2015

June 2015

Operator control panels made of glass (Touch screens)

Design and full area screen printing on flat glass, second surface

UPDATE June 2015

June 2014

Production of Retroreflective Traffic Signs

Numerous kinds of retroreflective and reflecting materials are used as aids to Traffic Safety. Differing standards, specifications, and laws must be observed.

UPDATE June 2015

March 2015

Phosphorescent Inks

Whether short or long-term phosphorescent duration - no other printing process is able to compete against screen printing with the manufacture of phosphorescent products.

September 2014

Hot stamping onto glass

Application of Ultraglass UVGL Primers

September 2014

New Symbol "Evaporation Data"

This TechINFO will be a most helpful tool in choosing the right thinner/retarder if a slower or faster drying auxiliary is desired.

June 2013

Screen Printing Inks for Membrane Switches

This TechINFO informs on advantages, limits, and combination possibilities of our inks for the production of multi-layered structures.

June 2012

Fogra standards for use in flat-bed and cylinder screen printing

In order to reconcile quality demands and quality control with the necessity to reduce production costs, several research and development projects were initiated by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller...

April 2012

Tactile Effects with Braille & Relief varnishes

UV curable special textured varnishes come into play when considerable tactile features are required for printing.Such effects can be effectively achieved through the screen printing process in combination with UV curable special...

March 2010

Delta E and Delta E2000

Today, the industry allows minimum tolerances for the replication and printing of colour shades. However, the individual human eye perceives and evaluates colour shades and colour differences.

July 2009

Marabu GMP Statement

As per August 1st 2008, the so called GMP (=Good Manufacturing practice) regulation No. 2023/2006 (EC) came into effect for materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs (e.g. food packaging). It is a...

November 2007

Quality of Printing Inks - Info on Tolerances and Production

All printing inks contain a large number of different components that are subject to their own tolerances. Optical differences can arise from batch to batch upon addition of the components to yield the product ready for use.

July 2007

Marabu auxiliaries for solvent-based screen printing inks

Printing conditions and customer requirements differ considerably in graphical and industrial screen printing. By means of auxiliaries and additives the printing ink can be adjusted to the corresponding printing conditions.

May 2006

Fade and Weather Resistance of Printed Products

Printed outdoor advertisements are becoming more and more attractive. There is no means of transport such as busses, trains, trucks, and taxis without any advertising on them.

March 2006

Printing of Polyester Sheet Materials

Polyester is increasingly used as an alternative substrate to PMMA and PC. Due to the growing popularity, a detailed presentation about this material and its possibilities within screen printing is provided below.

June 2005

Auxiliary agents and additives for UV curable screen printing inks

UV-curable screen printing inks have gained in importance in recent years and are used today for many applications in graphical and industrial screen printing.

August 2004

Screen Printing onto Bottle Crates

Detailed information and practical tips for printing onto bottle crates made of polyethylene.

July 2003

Uses of UV technology in screen printing

UV-curable and solvent-free ink systems have been introduced in many areas, including printing inks and varnishing. They take account of increased environmental awareness and fulfil the requirements for rapid and safe production...

March 2001

Double-sided stickers

Hints and tips for the safe production of double-sided stickers and their possible risks.